Yan D. Soloh

Yan D. Soloh, confirmed artist, autodidact, adventurer, musician, devotes himself exclusively to painting since the turn of the century.

He has participated in many expositions, inter alia in Montreal and Quebec city, Canada, U.S.A, France and Brasil. This emerging artist has made a mark for himself among many collectors as well as the public, in Quebec, Canada, Europe and the United States.

From his works emerge several sets of themes ; the surrealism of Dali, the mystical oneirism of Bosch, distressed expressionism of Munch and the religious iconography of Chagall. In the work of Yan D Soloh , “le Christ en croix”, the human body, urban landscape or pastoral, the biomorphic music and forms return such obsession. His plastic research reflects a personal mystic.

In the composition of his works, the superposition of forms or subjects gives a perspective effect.The use of colored plans contributes to the effect of depth. The colors are not used to determine the objects or characters, but create a certain atmospheric field.

In other tables, the linear prospect facilitates the entry inside the work. The use of the oblique vectors instigates movement by the gripping of objects vis-a-vis with the spectator.

His pallet of color points out the fauvism. His technique approaches the American abstract expressionists of the first wave (De Kooning, Pollock). Contrary to the abstracted expressionists, Yan D. Soloh is characterized by the presence from a narrative speech, while integrating the violence of the gesture (dripping) of those, but not disregarding line.

The artist practices a figurative painting resembling Bad Painting, by his baroque treatment, his generous pasting, his overload of colors and his dissonances, far from the traditional rules of composition. The artist uses various supports;canvas stretched, synthetics canvas stretched on wooden frame, fabrics. His mediums are oil and rarely but,for some identified art-pieces ,he is mastering the acrylic's integration in his oil painting.

Yan D. Soloh is a promising artist who shows already a great smell of composition, a control of color, a rich set of themes. His oneiric and fantastic universe is to be discovered. The government of Canada even named a new style after him. The “Yanisme”.

nov 2008 by mme C. Haas - thank you forever for this- Yan D.Soloh July2009.

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